Organica Hand and Foot Lotion Set

This set hydrates and protects hands and feet from the environment. This hand cream is easily absorbed and leaves hands soft and supple with a beautiful lemongrass scent.  Pair with a refreshing foot lotion to hydrate and moisturise tired feet. Lemongrass and tea tree help to ease muscle aches and excessive perspiration.

Both are Great for Dry Skin. 

This Product is 100% Natural.


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Product Description


Organic Olive oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  It protects against the elements and helps skin retain its moisture. Organic Safflower oil has the highest content of linoleic acid than any other plant oil. Linoleic acid is needed by the skin’s natural barrier which stops water loss and therefore skin becoming dry and scaly.

○ Organic and vegan;
○ Handmade in England;
○ Pure botanical actives;
○ Fragrances only made from pure plant essential oils;
○ Free from parabens;
○ Free from sulphates;
○ Free from petrochemical ingredients;
○ Free from mineral oil;
○ Not tested on animals.

Set Includes :

1. Lemongrass & May Chang Hand Lotion 50ml

Directions To Use: Apply a small amount and massage into the hands, remembering to include your cuticles. Re-apply as often as required.

2.Lemongrass & Tea Tree Foot Lotion 50ml

Directions To Use: Apply a small amount and massage into the feet


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