Coconut and Jojoba Body Wash

This body wash uses gentle, biodegradable cleansers that effectively clean your body without drying your skin. Organic virgin coconut butter and golden jojoba oil restore the skin’s lipid barrier and leaves your skin soft and moisturised. It also nourishes, protects and keeps your body hydrated.

Ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

This product is 100% Natural.

Includes Loofah


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Product Description

All natural Organic loofah: Soak new loofahs in hot water before use to soften the fibers. If a loofah seems too stiff, soak it in hot water and break it in by initially scrubbing tough areas such as your feet or knees to help soften the fibers.

○ Organic and vegan;
○ Handmade in England;
○ Pure botanical actives;
○ Fragrances only made from pure plant essential oils;
○ Free from parabens;
○ Free from sulphates;
○ Free from petrochemical ingredients;
○ Free from mineral oil;
○ Not tested on animals.

Directions To Use: When showering, squirt a small amount onto your hand or for more foam onto a loofah, and rub all over your body, then rinse off.

Additional Information


100ml, 250ml, 30ml, 50ml


aqua; cocoamidopropyl betaine; decyl glucoside; cocus nucifera (coconut butter)*; simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil)*; glycerine*; xanthan gum; parfum*; benzyl alcohol; vanilla planifolia (vanilla)*; lactic acid; salicylic acid; sorbic acid
* certified organic ingredients


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